Behind the scenes of the Fortune Lounge cruise

The Fortune Lounge Cruise promotion ended on 11 June, with 50 lucky winners taking their partners along on a cruise to the Caribbean on the luxury cruise-liner, the Royal Caribbean. We caught up with VIP host, Tasneem, to gather some … [Read more]

Want to win 20 Free Spins on Avalon II?

Do you have a lucky number? Maybe you have one, or multiple, numbers that you think will help increase your luck. Some people may believe more in lucky numbers for games of chance (i.e. games that require no strategy), whilst others may not care for … [Read more]

Suarez bites again

Who are you betting on to win the World Cup? Perhaps you’re a Liverpool fan and when the Cup started, were torn between supporting England and Uruguay, with Suarez acting as striker for the latter, a team on his own, a professional, a champion, a … [Read more]