Samsung Galaxy S3 is almost here












The Galaxy S2 was the highest selling handset of all time managing to convert thousands of iPhone users to Google Android and now the release of the S3 is getting closer.

The release date of the S3 has been confirmed to be within the first quarter of 2012, in other words sometime before the end of March, which is soon!

Galaxy S3 features:

  • The S3 will boast a Dual core 1.8ghz cpu making it faster
  • It will come with Android 4.1, Ice Cream Sandwich, already installed
  • There will be 2gb of internal memory
  • An AMOLED 720p screen with a 4.6 display to make browsing a breeze
  • A 12MP camera with Full HD 1080p video recording
  • It is said to be even thinner than the S2
  • A longer battery life than the S2

Impressed? We are.

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New games in March

Take a look at our new games in March:









•    Rhyming Reels – Old King Cole Video Slot

Get this new take on an old traditional song in this 5-reel, 20-payline video slot game that is jam packed with free spins, multipliers as well as a double Wild and Gamble feature that can double or quadruple their winnings.


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•    Multi-Player Roulette Diamond Edition

Playing roulette at land-based casino allows players to interact with other players and now this can be done online as well. Multi-player roulette is an interactive version in which players can chat with other players and even view the wins of other players. By being able to watch how others play and how well they are doing really adds to the fun and competition of the game.










•    Power Spins – Nuclear 9’s Video Slot

Be one of the first to play the new Power SpinsTM feature in the game with a radioactive glow. When in Power Spins™ mode you can activate the ever-popular Rolling Reels feature that adds more Multipliers to wins. You could win more than 50,000.00 in both the standard and Power Spins mode.


Effective waterproofing for your iPhone









It’s been the downfall of many a mobile phone and hasn’t really had a notable adversary up this point. But thanks to Liquipel, water is about to be struck from the record as the enemy of the mobile. Dropping your mobile into your morning coffee, the kitchen sink or even the toilet (admit it, it happens) won’t be as consequential as it used to be thanks to Liquipel who have created a clear coating that will protect mobile phones from most forms of water damage.

This coating is apparently made out of pure nanotech which is ‘bled’ into every part of the phone and it doesn’t matter what model the phone is. For those of us who like our phones slim it also won’t make the profile of the mobile device any bigger.

This coating is apparently ‘1,000 times thinner than a human hair,’ according to Danny McPhail, the co-president of Liquipel. This is essentially an impermeable coating that will be absorbed into every possible opening of your phone.

To demonstrate how well it works at the Liquipel booth at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show an iPhone 4 protected by Liquipel was dunked into water and then removed to show that it still worked perfectly.
While Liquipel is highly effective it is not 100% waterproof and users should not go out there trying to prove that it is. The Liquipel website states: “Just because your device has been further protected it does not mean it can be used in this way. It is similar to buying a case for your device and asking to throw it at the ground.”

Prices of Liquipel start from USD59 and go up to USD79.

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Codename Apollo – Windows 8 phone specs








The Lumia range of Windows phones from Nokia were a hit and now the Windows 8 range are set to be real scorchers!

The platform for these phones has been named “Apollo” and the focus is to have a broad range of phones to choose from, ranging from economical to expensive so that everybody can get a taste of the goodness.

The phone features include a total of four new screen resolutions, dual-core CPU’s, MicroSD support, and NFC (which was not a feature of Lumia smartphones).

With the US$8.5-billion purchase of Skype by Microsoft, the Lumia range is a great place to put it to good use. Skype will be incorporated into the Apollo OS at such a deep level that users won’t be able to tell the difference between VoIP calls and analogue.

More features:

  • No more Zune desktop integration with a synching app replacing it
  • A camera app that supports “lenses”,  now third parties can add features like “skins” to the photo app
  • Carrier-owned hotspots with automatic connection
  • Bitlocker encryption will be a part of the Apollo range
  • SkyDrive will be integrated into all of the Apollo devices
  • There might also be an equivalent to Google Wallet depending on the network operator


Strip poker on display in New York art gallery window







If you’re looking for even more excitement in your live poker games you’ve just missed out on a great opportunity!

A game of strip poker ran throughout November last year in the shop window of the Art in General Gallery in Manhatten. There was no cash on the table but there were plenty of clothes in this installation piece by Zefrey Throwel who is well known for pushing nudity in his art that sometimes result in arrests.

In August 2011 he also got a group of about 50 people to dress up as office workers in a piece called Ocularpation: Wall Street. The ‘office workers’ then stripped down to nothing, giving morning commuters something different to look at.

The strip-poker installation was apparently a comment on capitalism – what exactly it was trying to say is beyond us though. Throwel did say that he was “trying to illuminate a dark cranny in the financial world.”

Throwel invited people without stimpulating any dress requirements so many arrived with 10 extra layers while some just wore jeans and t-shirts so that they could get down to the ‘bare essentials’ sooner.

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