3 new Mobile games this September

Age of Discovery Classic Blackjack GoldBars and Stripes







The Mobile game offering keeps getting better and better, with new games added every month. This September, Platinum Play sees the addition of 3 new Mobile games: Age of Discovery, Bars and Stripes and Classic Blackjack Gold.

Age of Discovery

Seek your fortune

Age of Discovery

Are you an adventurer at heart? If so, step into the Age of Discovery, where you will uncover the mysteries and fortune that awaits.
Unlock the Free Spins bonus when you line up 3 or more Scatters. You can win up to 32,250 coins in the bonus game.
With 5 reel, 25 paylines, Wilds and Scatters and a bonus game, a  Gamble feature and a max bet of €125 (or currency equivalent), you’ll experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Classic Blackjack Gold

You can always count on a classic

Classic blackjack
Enjoy a realistic playing experience as you’re seated at the lush blackjack table. This popular game contains top-notch graphics, sounds, animations and overall sophisticated game play. Classic Blackjack Gold contains an animating chip selector, an enlarged chip tray and rollover rules, which adds to the authenticity of the experience. Get your thinking cap on and apply some strategy in this refined table game.

Bars and Stripes

Live the dream

Bars and Stripes mobile screen
For the patriots out there, this American-themed slot will have you swinging your hips to the brass band that plays in the background. Bras and Stripes contains 5 reels, 25 paylines, and a maximum bet of €250 (or currency equivalent). Uncle Sam’s top hat (the Scatter symbol) triggers the bonus feature, where you pick 3 out of 5 hats to reveal your prize.

Your toddler knows your iPad better than you do







Recent studies have revealed exactly how big the impact of the internet now is, with 82% of 5-year olds in the UK owning or using internet-enabled devices. These findings were published by a virus protection software company called McAfee to spread awareness about internet-control software.

Meanwhile, other research by a UK think-tank company, Policy Exchange, shows that 7 out of 10 senior citizens over the age of 65 do not have any kind of internet device at home, a startling 5.4 million have never even used the internet and only 1 in 20 own a smartphone.

These statistics show some discrepancies in British education and government plans. If so many kids operating tablets more easily than books why is the education curriculum still based on paper? And with so many over 65-year olds not online how does the government plan to accommodate them in their plans to take services online?

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Record-breaking iPhone 5 orders











Orders for the iPhone 5 reached the 2-million mark within 24 hours. Since the iPhone 5 was open to order last Friday at 8am in Britain it appeared that the stock sold out within only hour making it the fastest selling iPhone so far. The iPhone 4S took 22 hours to sell out.

It was confirmed by Apple that demand had exceeded supply and while most orders will be delivered by this coming Friday, the rest will be delivered in October. Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, said: “iPhone 5 pre-orders have shattered the previous record held by iPhone 4S and the customer response to iPhone 5 has been phenomenal”.

Meanwhile, queues are starting to form outside Apple Stores in anticipation of the iPhone 5 release on Friday.

The iPhone 5 is the first large-scale revision of the iPhone since its first model was released in 2007. With an elongated screen there is more room for extra icons and better film viewing capability. It is also thinner and lighter and has updated software.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google just upped their game with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google decided against taking a big leap from 4.0 to 5.0 and, more realistically, decided to expand on the already solid platform of the Ice Cream Sandwich. This might also have been because even after a year of its launch, the Android 4.0 is only available on about 10% of devices. Google will now have some extra time to get carriers, developers and users to catch up.

Google has kept its naming convention of sweet confections by calling the Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’. The Android 3.0 Honeycomb was exclusive to tablets and the Ice Cream Sandwich tried to port the UI to smartphones but the Android 4.1 is set to iron out all of the previous creases and gain more users.

The Android 4.1 is fast and smooth with effortless moving between home screens and switching between apps. The touch responses are more reactive and the CPU is boosted as soon as you touch the screen and turned down when you aren’t using it to preserve battery life.

It’s also easier than ever to personalize your home screen – place widgets on the home screen and everything else will make room. When they get too big, they’ll resize themselves automatically.

There is also ‘Gesture Mode’ that allows you to reliably navigate the UI through touch and swipe gestures. There are also accessibility plugins for braille devices that can be used through USB or Bluetooth.

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Google+ launches Hangouts on Air










It seemed like Google+ had taken a bit of a back seat to social networks like Pinterest and Twitter but this all might be about to change with the announcement of Hangouts on Air, a feature that should take global social networking to a multifaceted level of interaction soon.

Hangouts on Air is not a new feature; it just hasn’t been available for most Google+ users. It was in fact launched last September and was set to allow users to engage in live video chat sessions with as many as 9 other users and then broadcast for others to watch. These were designed to offer live streaming broadcasts with multiple participants. Up until now users could view Hangouts on Air but couldn’t start their own, unless they were part of a select group of test users. This feature is now about to be available to all Google+ users.

Features of Hangouts of Air:

  • Public broadcasts: users can use their Google+ page to broadcast their live Hangouts to the world. They can also use their company’s YouTube channel or pages in their business’ website to enbed the Hangout.


  • Viewer tracking: the hosts of the Hangouts can see how many users are watching the Hangout live during the broadcast.


  • Recordings: after each Hangout users’ recordings will be uploaded onto their YouTube channel and their Google+ post so that they can share video content after the live event ends.

Once your Hangout ends, Google+ will upload a recording to your YouTube channel and your original Google+ post so you can easily share your video content even after the live event ends.

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Google’s online store gets makeover








Google is rebranding and renaming its online store for music, books and other digital goods. This is its most recent attempt to get a bigger profile in the electronic content sales market to compete with Apple and Amazon.com.

The store will be rebranded in the next week as the Google Play Store, leaving behind the Android Market name.

Google’s plan is to clarify that it offers a broader catalogue of content over and above the apps that are programmed for smartphones and tablets for Android operating systems.

“Some people see the Android icon on their home screen and they think it’s just for apps,” said Chris Yerga, the engineering director of Android Digital Content.

The new name and focus is being launched three and a half years after Google announced its Android Market as its central outlet for the download of mobile apps for Android-based smartphones.

Android is the top smartphone operating system globally and is used in smartphone giants like Motorola, Samsung and HTC smartphones. There are 450,000 Android compatible apps while there are 550,000 apps available for Apple iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Google has extended their products in the Android market to digital books, music and video. These are markets that Apple and Amazon are strong in: Apple reported that by October 2011 over 16 billion songs had been downloaded from the iTunes store while Amazon said that they now sell more digital books than print books.

Google has also simplified where its digital content can be bought – consumers were confused by the huge variety of outlets for different kinds of digital content as well as the variety of different names of the applications consumers could use to play music and videos or read the books.

Google’s goal, Yerga says, “is to bring more people to the store, maybe that person who is an avid book reader or music purchaser now becomes aware of ‘Hey I can also get videos here, I can get games here.’”

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