Online Craps

Craps is one of the oldest gambling games, hailing from as far back as the Crusades, until it was later influenced by the French, and later modernised by the Americans, leaving us with the game of craps as it is today. Now, craps has translated to an online environment in Platinum Play Online Casino, which offers you the best place to play one of the most strategic gambling games. Get ready to roll the dice and corner some great rewards!

What exactly is Craps?

Online craps at Platinum Play is played against the casino itself, and the most basic premise for this game is to roll two dice, then land those two dice on the same number in the second round to achieve victory. The person who rolls the dice is also called the ‘Shooter’.

Craps: Now and Then

Craps was developed from the original English game called 'Hazard’, and was eventually adapted by the French, who named their version crapaud – also the name from which the word ‘craps’ was derived. Finally, one Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville brought the game to New Orleans, America; the game achieved immense popularity amongst the African-American communities, and ultimately became the game of craps that is recognised the world over today.

Basic craps game play

Take a look at the following to see how a game of craps normally progresses. The game has two distinct phases to play through in order to win: the Coming Out Phase and the Point Phase. Read more about the exact stages that are involved in order to achieve victory, as well as the different types of bets allowed in the game.

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Playing craps online

Platinum Play Online Casino has numerous hints, tips, strategy guides and game guides for getting the best of your online craps experience. Although many of these guides and strategies can assist you to play better and handle your funding more efficiently, by no means can these guides guarantee victory. They can act as a reference tool to improve your own experience playing craps online, and to assist you in formulating a personal strategy that suits your game-playing style.