Isis Online Slot Machine

Spin back the reels of time to ancient Egypt with the imaginative Isis video slot on Platinum Play Online Casino.

Watch as smooth, sleek technology powers up this pantheon of magical delights and ancient omens. Cycle through a papyrus-load of powerful features like Scatter, Wild, Free Spins, Bonus and Gamble, all neatly enshrined in the mythos of olden-day Egyptian culture.

Let the majesty of this long-gone culture enchant you with magical amulets, papyrus motifs, all-seeing eyes and canopic jars. Isis herself, the all-powerful goddess of those times, is the Wild trigger for her entourage of hawks, the appearance of which sends the rewards soaring to new heights. She can materialize in more places than one, with each sighting allowing more impressive combinations for even greater returns.

Add another hawk to Isis’ high-flying duo of hawk wardens and watch them Scatter the proceeds into Free Spins mode, where up to 30 spins and a scintillating 6x Multiplier can whip up the magic for some serious rewards! Then Gamble on some good omens and double or quadruple the winnings, simply by guessing color and suit!

Summon up some old-world magic with Isis at Platinum Play, and let the spell of ancient times reel in some slick, modern rewards!

Isis Slot MachineIsis Online
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