Big Bang Theory Enters Last Season

Bye Bye Big Bang Theory Source: Digital Spy A collective cry of dismay was heard from one corner of the globe to the other. Television viewers everywhere screamed, shed tears, pulled at their hair, and signed up for indefinite therapy. Why, you’re asking? Because it has been officially announced that popular television show The Big Bang Theory will be entering its 12th and final season. Stranded fans will certainly be finding a great deal of free time on their hands, it seems, which gives plenty of motivation to discover new hobbies. Perhaps now’s the time to start playing casino games, as they offer the same amazing entertainment online! Either way the cancellation of the show is a cataclysmic announcement, and one with shock waves that will surely be felt echoing in the television world for many years to come. Strangely, however, the announcement was made by co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre, also responsible for Two And A Half Men, in such unceremonious fashion that many thought it was some sort of joke. Alas, it was not a joke, so therapy is still on the cards for long time fans. But why exactly was this hit show cancelled, after such a long and successful run?

Why Was It Cancelled?

Pessimists will say that the show was simply losing steam, and gradually shedding fans. After all, chugging on for 12 seasons is enough to start making any cast of characters seem bland, and push any team of writers to their limits. The official explanation for the shows cancellation, on the other hand, is that one of the cast members will no longer be able to commit to the required time demands. Specifically in this case, Jim Parsons. Parsons play much loved character Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory and has received four Emmy awards in the process. So if anyone would be committed to the show, it would seem to be him. However, Parsons revealed that he has expanded his acting talents into Broadway, as well as into feature length films. So, sadly, with his career going elsewhere, Parsons is apparently deciding to bow out of his acting work on The Big Bang Theory. According to Lorre, the show is open for a 13th season, but that he simply does not want to continue if all key players are no longer available. Namely; Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco. A wise decision on the part of Lorre, many will agree, given that shows rarely hold much of their previous glory after a central character departs. Let us never forget the slow, grinding demise of That 70s Show after the departure of Ashton Kutcher. Or the aforementioned Two and a Half Men…

Longest Running Multi-Camera Series

The 12th and final season of the show is still being filmed, and will premier on the 24th of September. As it stands this last season will put the total count of episodes, with all seasons taken into account, at 279. That means that Big Bang is the longest running multi-camera series in history, which is no small achievement, when remembering the history of long running television shows in recent years. Perhaps it was time that this well loved show was put to rest, and not driven into the ground over an endless number of seasons. Firm fans of The Big Bang Theory may disagree with this, of course. They need not fear, though, as a collector’s edition of DVDs will almost certainly be released, and re-released, well into the future. So if anything, although the show is not officially coming to what will certainly be a tearful end, the DVD marathon sessions are only just beginning. What fabulous times those will no doubt be, and how many hours and days will be lost in the process. Goodbye Big Bang Theory, we will miss you.
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