The Silliest Winners of the Darwin Awards

Silly ways to meet you maker

Stop, look around you right now and start counting the silly ways in which you could die. Me, die a silly death you exclaim, indignant. Please. My friends and I used to go skateboarding near the rattlesnake pit at the local zoo and we made it out alive, no way am I meeting the grim reaper by slipping on a marble on the floor, or bashing my head on the corner of a pointy table. Sure, sure, of course. You’re one of the smart ones, and have such incredible control over your body that it ...

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Most Expensive Hollywood Divorces

Expensive divorces

It sure must suck being a celebrity. You have to deal with having millions of dollars, live in obscenely luxurious mansions, drive snazzy sports cars and take regular holidays in the most beautiful locations on the planet. Figuring out how to spend all this money is no small task, but it seems like getting married and then divorced helps quite a few celebs scale down their fortune. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently engaging in a public, ongoing custody battle over their six ...

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The Brain Benefits of Playing Casino Games

Plat bacarrat at Platinum Play

Do you love slots, table games and anything else to do with gambling? Good! Because it turns out that there are many benefits to playing casino games. Ones that are, needless to say, often overlooked and far beyond the obvious fact that they are loads of fun and you can win big! Though, just about any activity that requires players to focus, make complicated decisions quickly, and likewise grants tangible rewards for performing well, is going to have its mental benefits. So really, in this ...

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Norway Leads The Way in Stopping Deforestation

Fighting against deforestation

Deforestation is a serious problem faced by the world. Simply put; in some countries forests are disappearing at a steady pace, so much so that it seems all but inevitable that they will cease to exist in these areas altogether. Though major steps are being taken in many countries to prevent this, in other countries there are little to no regulations in place. . This means that not only will the stripping of forested land no longer occur in the country on any level, but also that any ...

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The Best Stargazing Locations

The most stunning stargazing spots

Have you ever stepped out at night, taken a deep breath of the fresh air, looked up, and realised that the night sky is about as inviting as a sheet of black velvet? Which is to say, there isn’t much in the way of stars that can be gazed at. But what sort of sense does this make? You saw a documentary on Netflix just the other day, and the smart science folks claimed that there were billions of the things out there. Might as well just go back inside and play your favourite , you may well ...

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Big Bang Theory Enters Last Season

Bye Bye Big Bang Theory

A collective cry of dismay was heard from one corner of the globe to the other. Television viewers everywhere screamed, shed tears, pulled at their hair, and signed up for indefinite therapy. Why, you’re asking? Because it has been officially announced that popular television show The Big Bang Theory will be entering its 12th and final season. Stranded fans will certainly be finding a great deal of free time on their hands, it seems, which gives plenty of motivation to discover new ...

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Amsterdam’s Amazing Sustainable Sports Arena

The Johan Cruijff ArenA

Sustainability and the move to green energy has become a major focus for top corporations, businesses and communities. Surprisingly, sports venues are pioneers in the field as they look to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and preserve their green legacy. In June this year, Amsterdam unveiled the largest European energy storage system in the most unlikely of places. The Johan Cruijff ArenA is one of the most popular sports venues in the Netherlands. Home to AFC Ajax football ...

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Investing For Dummies

Investing made simple online

You probably saw The Wolf of Wall Street and thought to yourself that the stock market really does look like it can make you unreasonably rich. But you weren’t quite sure how to get started and what exactly it was you needed to do. Fortunately, it has never been simpler to invest, and the Internet makes it easy to learn exactly what you need to do, and offers you the opportunity to start small and learn from your mistakes, too. Plus, you can find a wealth of information online that will ...

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12 Coolest Neighbourhoods In The World

Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam

All around the world are little pockets of paradise that are the favourites of locals and of tourists alike. These neighbourhoods offer something truly special and are always worth exploring when you’re discovering foreign lands. We’ve rounded up the top 12 neighbourhoods around the world, so that when you draw up your itinerary, you know where to go. From sweet secret spots to cultural melting pots, they are all here…. Sants, Barcelona With a massive increase in tourist ...

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The Scourge of Celebrity Trolls

Beating the troll blues

It can’t be easy being a celebrity. The mere idea of living in the spotlight with millions of eyes on you 24 hours a day, is enough to send some into a cold sweat. But when you’re famous, this constant, unyielding attention is a reality you can’t escape from. The situation is trying enough as it is, but is made infinitely worse by the fact that, in today’s social media fuelled world, strangers are more able than ever to anonymously attack. Rude, aggressive, and even hate fuelled ...

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