Dive into Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs™

Source: Microgaming The mysteries of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot are waiting to be uncovered and only one woman is up to the job. Lara Croft, the star of the iconic Tomb Raider series, returns to discover the treasure that lies within. It won’t be an easy job, thanks to the ferocious gods that guard the loot, Set and Sobek; that’s where you come in. Test your strategy and try your luck to unearth the jewels within and get to the bottom of Lara Croft’s most exciting adventure to date! Lara Croft burst onto the scene in 1996 and has become one of the most iconic characters in the gaming world. The star of her own best-selling video game series, she has also made her way to the big screen three times and been the protagonist in two previous slots games. Triple Edge Studios is expected to release Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM on 8 May 2019, opening the newest chapter in the Tomb Raider saga and immersing players in a mile-a-minute, high-octane adventure with big thrills and big winnings to be had.

How It Works

A five-reel online video slots game, Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM is based on the 243 ways method, which eliminates the need to buy multiple lines per spin. Instead, the player has 243 chances to win, so spending less doesn’t mean winning less. This is complemented by Microgaming’s unique rolling reels feature. With each win, the symbols disappear and are replaced by the new ones from above, giving you the chance to create combos and increase your winnings. This isn’t the only way that combos can increase your kitty, however. Lara Croft is an expert explorer, so watch as she discovers the multiplier trail. Each consecutive win leads to an increase in the multiplier, up to a maximum of 5x your winnings, so you can rack up real winnings with a little luck on your side. Since rolling reels make it easier to accrue consecutive wins, you’ll be able to score more and more multipliers and watch your cash pot increase by leaps and bounds.

Next Spin’s on Us

Solving puzzles and discovering fabled jewels are just some of the rewards of being a Tomb Raider, but free spins are a particular highlight. You’ll have the chance to bet and spin, without risking what you’ve won so far. All you need to do is rack up three free spin symbols and you’ll win eight free spins per way. You can also substitute a wild for a free spin symbol, thus unlocking the chance to take a consequence-free spin. The multiplier trail is also a key factor in free spins. The maximum multiplier value is 3x greater in this mode, so you can win up to 15x more and earn incredible jackpots. Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM uses all of its complementary features to help you win big. Rolling reels make it easier to win consecutively, which in turn drives up the multiplier and increases your potential earnings. Furthermore, since free spins can be triggered up to 48 times and rolling reels make consecutive wins easier, you can enjoy free plays more often than ever before. This takes you one step closer to the big jackpot and Lara Croft one step closer to the secrets of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot.

Finding the Tomb’s Treasure

The goal of any true Tomb Raider is to unearth incredible treasures and artifacts in the world’s most remote and mysterious temples and Lara Croft is no different. As you solve puzzles, you’ll have the chance to win one of the game’s three jackpots, made easier by the wealth of features on offer. You’ll take away 15x your bet with the Minor Jackpot, while the Major Jackpot sees your initial pay-in multiplied by 100. Both of these are much-coveted discoveries, but Lara Croft has her eyes on the most valuable prize: the legendary Grand Jackpot. Help her to discover this and you’ll be walking away with 5000x your initial bet. You’ll need skill, luck and perseverance to defeat Set and Sobek and uncover the prized jewels of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot.

Lara Croft needs you

Getting to the heart of the Temple and Tomb of the Golden Scarab Jackpot takes skill and dedication and Lara Croft needs your help to do it. Lara Croft®: Temples and TombsTM takes slots to the next level, so create an account, log in and start discovering the legends and myths of this mythical location.
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