Poker Styles And The Psychology Behind Them

Poker is one of the most popular in the world, and the expression ‘poker-faced’ is used far beyond the game to describe someone who does not readily betray their inner feelings. So perhaps it goes without saying that the best poker players are likely to be those who can play the game and remain in complete control at all times. But to secure the best chance of success, a good player must also be able to read and recognise the of others at the table. So let’s look at the ...

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What Payment Methods Do Modern Online Casinos Offer?

Close-up hand woman using laptop and credit card

The world of e-commerce has put many traditional retailers under pressure in the last decade or so. More and more people shop online, even if they are purchasing goods they can just as easily obtain from a bricks and mortar store. Few supermarket chains don't offer an online store and delivery service these days, do they? Then, of course, there are the huge internet-based marketplace sites where you can obtain just about anything in the world. Amazon and eBay are the big players in the ...

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Meghan & Harry: A Love Story

It was the biggest wedding of 2018, and many are calling it the greatest love story of all time. As a hopeless romantic myself, I’ve got to say that I was rather fascinated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s apparent fairy tale, that on the surface, seemed to hold a lot of promise. Her being a humanitarian and gender equality campaigner, and him being, well, a Prince, provides the perfect recipe for a romance novel, only this time around, paparazzi frenzy, media attention, and a dad ...

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Mystery Boxes Are Popular

Mystery boxes are popular

Some mystery boxes now available online have been allegedly bought from Internet auction sites for large sums of money. suggest that a listing for a 'High Value £40,000 Mystery XXL Box' has already received over 50 bids from interested buyers trying to secure this odd box. Elsewhere, mystery box auctions have become a growing trend on platforms such as eBay, with some boxes purchased for sums of up to £50,000. Products from the dark web When posting these items for sale, often through ...

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The Future of Bitcoin as a Cryptocurrency

Physical Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital asset designed to function as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to safeguard its creation and management, rather than relying on traditional centralised authority. Over the course of its history, Bitcoin has seen rapid growth and is now a significant currency both online and in the financial world. And from the mid-2010s onwards, a few businesses agreed to accept bitcoin as well as traditional currencies. The appearance of bitcoin soon prompted the emergence ...

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Biggest Female Earners In Music

Katy Perry tops the female earners list

Earning big money in the music industry is all good and well, and having a heap of fans is also something to be proud of. There are plenty of women who sing beautifully and have hordes of fans, but not all of them are rolling in the dosh. Take a look at the list of the top female earners in music industry over the course of last year, 2018, and revel in awe at the women who are raking in big bucks for their singing talents. 1. Katy Perry You won’t get many arguing that Katy Perry was ...

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The Moon and You

The Moon and You

The moon, often overlooked and not fully appreciated, has been part of mankind’s experience since we crawled out of the primordial soup. As a species we looked upon this celestial body with wonder and awe and sought to understand it. Nowadays we comprehend it in its most fundamental way - its basic functions in terms of the pull it exerts on our tides, its aligned movement with the earth and the light it provides during the night. To say that the moon is underrated is only to point out ...

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The Joker’s Ultimate Playlist

The Joker

The Joker – Batman’s Nemesis – is widely believed to be one of the greatest comic book villains ever created. More layers than an onion. Just when you decide he is pure evil, he shows a softer side (admittedly, you have to squint really hard to see it). The Enigma of Batman’s Rival One of the interesting things about the Clown Prince, as he is affectionately known, is that his origin story is very unclear. While it’s not all that unusual for comic book characters to exist in ...

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Superfoods to Add to Your Christmas Lunch

A superfood filled Christmas lunch

If you’ve eaten so much as one traditional Christmas lunch in your life, you probably know that you spend the rest of the day feeling heavy, possibly bloated, and maybe just a little ill. That may lead you to think that it is the unhealthiest meal of the year. If you are the health-conscious type, you might be wondering how to add health-boosting superfoods to your Christmas lunch in the hope of it putting a spring in your step. The truth may surprise you. The traditional meal is far ...

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The History and Psychology Behind Christmas

The origin of a red and white Santa Claus

There is some sort of Christmas celebration in virtually every part of the world. You might be familiar with the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree, decorating it and putting gifts at its base. A star may well be placed on top of the tree and flashing lights may be draped all over its branches. A large man dressed in red and white might even be rumoured to climb down the chimney and deliver these gifts, carrying with him a list of good and bad deeds determining which children deserve ...

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