Real Roulette With Sarati

Real Roulette With Sarati Source: Microgaming Have you yet experienced live dealer roulette? Depending on the type of gameplay offered, it can involve a whole range of virtual reality ‘toys’. There’s also top of the range video and audio feeds to consider, and, of course, you’ll need a powerful computer to run your home setup if you want to get the best out of a live-dealer experience. Sound complicated? Well, Real Dealer Studios have come up with an ultra-modern, online roulette alternative which is far more straightforward and yet manages to offer virtual realism on par with the best, top-quality Hollywood-style imagery.

Introducing Real Roulette with Sarati

Real Roulette with Sarati is the very first in what promises to be a ground-breaking series of games which blend Hollywood-style cinematography with RNG gameplay. With such a mix, as a player you will get to experience a luxury take on your favourite casino-style roulette gaming. During Real Roulette games, Sarati – a charming female dealer – will seemingly interact with all the players. In fact, this aspect is so realistic that players generally find it easy to believe that Sarati is responding to everyone at the table on a truly one-to-one basis. This ‘magic’ is achieved by working with a professional actor and an equally professional film crew. The carefully directed performance is, of course, carefully scripted. Yet the slick, streamlined post-production ‘polishing’ of this game makes it feel as if you are in the presence of a charming casino professional who is used to delivering a flawless table performance. The end result is that you will really feel as if you are present in a VIP, luxury casino enjoying playing roulette much like any high-end gambling connoisseur.

Premium effects

Sarati is an expert at her trade. As a player, you will quickly appreciate the quality on offer: Dealing during a game will always be completely error-free, and Real Roulette is a game which loads fast on any platform. And if you have to interrupt your casino game for any reason, there’s an option which will allow you to resume your game at the point where you left off. Add into the mix a powerful game engine capable of entirely seamless video streaming and totally fluid gameplay, and you’ll find yourself enjoying roulette even more than ever before. The audio quality is just stunning and the sparkling visuals can truly be described as state of the art. Those playing on mobile devices will be pleased to hear the game looks visually great in either portrait or landscape view, and desktop players will be able to take full advantage of Real Roulette with Sarati’s rich audio-visual enhancements. Online roulette fans will also be happy to note that Platinum Play are the only casino with exclusive rights to offer Real Roulette with Sarati up until the 31st December, 2019. So now you know where the game is currently available, that’s yet another reason for a visit to Platinum Play.

Game Features

Sarati has more than just a brilliant smile; she can offer you some unusual and highly entertaining roulette gameplay options. There is a feature involving Racetrack Bets, where the standard roulette table layout morphs into a fascinating ‘racetrack’ shape. This new layout is matched by some new betting options in keeping with the racetrack theme. There’s also a Favourite Bets option (accessed via a ‘Favourites’ button). This feature allows you to store and retrieve up to six of your own favourite betting configurations when playing roulette. And because it’s a custom option, this can be done quickly and easily by just pressing the Favourites button. Another exciting feature is the Special Bets section. This gives you access to up to 10 popular roulette betting options. These include bets such as Random 7, 007, Orphelins, Voisins du Zero (literally zero and its neighbouring slots), as well as the ever-popular red/black splits. And last but not least, this game has a brilliant Statistics feature. So you will have powerful performance information at your fingertips, such as hit percentages for: red/black, odd/even, halves, thirds, columns and zero, as well as a list of hot and cold numbers – all based on the results of the last 100 spins. Speaking of numbers, Real Roulette with Sarati has a generous RTP (return to player) percentage of 97.3%, and if you play online roulette in New Zealand, you’ll be happy to know this game can offer wins of up to 64,500 coins.
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