The Moon and You

The Moon and You Source: Pixabay The moon, often overlooked and not fully appreciated, has been part of mankind’s experience since we crawled out of the primordial soup. As a species we looked upon this celestial body with wonder and awe and sought to understand it. Nowadays we comprehend it in its most fundamental way - its basic functions in terms of the pull it exerts on our tides, its aligned movement with the earth and the light it provides during the night. To say that the moon is underrated is only to point out the fact that in the modern era of living, as one gets older and more involved in one’s own endeavours, the moon gets taken for granted as do many other naturally occurring objects and procedures. Modern living has allowed us to take a lot for granted, often due to the technological advances of the day and the wealth of knowledge available to us all.  The wonder of the moon is now relegated to astronomers, esoteric types and children, who find wonder in almost all things, but this is not to imply that the moon has lost any of its lustre. It’s an essential part of the human condition, integral to our very existence, and likely for much longer, was the subject of worship and compelling mythology. In Ireland for instance, a 5000 year old rock was discovered with what is believed to be the oldest human depiction of the moon. In prehistoric and ancient cultures, the moon encompassed all kinds of supernatural phenomenon ranging from deities to astrological views that persist today, and even going so far as to impact those susceptible to irrational behaviour and bouts of insanity.

Insanity? Lunacy? Give me a Break!

Now before we discard the idea of the moon and its ability to wreak havoc on human emotions and behaviour, let’s observe some cases. Heck, before we look at actual cases, let’s reflect on the work of some of the greatest philosophers the world has known, namely Aristotle and Pliny the Elder, the latter being of Roman decent and the former of Greek descent. Both these philosophers argued the moon’s pull on the tides could by extension have a pull on the water in one’s brain and thus induce insanity. Even today the term ‘lunar effect’ is used to imply a real or fabricated account of behaviour believed to be influenced by the cycles of the moon. Such was the belief in the moon and the behaviour of susceptible people that by the 1980s there were 40 published studies on the subject. This in turn allowed for additional studies to be produced, none of which were able to prove or find any correlation between human behaviour and cycles of the moon.   Shoot for the stars and land on the moon at Platinum play Casino Online, the best place to be if you’re looking for great chances to win big! Try out Tiger Moon Online Slots for an exciting journey to the east, while more casino games are waiting to be played for hours on end… Tiger moon slot  

Effects on Human Behaviour

The spectrum of human behaviour purported to be affected by the moon includes all manner of things ranging from the quality of your sleep to the returns on your stock market investments. And that’s just scratching the surface; other affected areas are epilepsy, motorcycle fatalities, politics, law and order and mental illnesses. In the case of the stock market, higher returns are predicted towards the full moon, mainly due to the mood of investors and when it comes to law and order, police are known to up their numbers for the shifts closer to the full moon, based on stats related to more violent crimes during this period. When it came to motorcycle accidents, there was a 5.3% increase in fatalities on nights with a full moon. As recent as 2013 a study conducted on the quality of sleep found that as the lunar cycle neared a full moon, a key attribute deep sleep decreased by 30%, time to fall asleep increased by 5 minutes and total sleep decreased by 20 minutes, ultimately equating less sleep.

From Personal Experience

As a smart, sophisticated and well-travelled person, I don’t buy into the ideas espoused in this article, not with ease anyway, and I’m not given to wild, unsupported statements. As with most arguments or debates, I try to examine things from both sides or from various angles.  I will however say that I have dated at least one well-to-do and educated woman who believes in the effects of the moon on the mind and thus behaviour, and over time, without intellectually engaging the topic, I have found that my nights out at the local pub have often gone on for longer than usual when the moon has been in full. For these reasons I am prepared to accept that there is some merit in the arguments put forth by those who think the moon affects behaviour. The effects, in the opinion of this writer and many, many others out there, are however subtle.
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