Guidance on Betting on a White Christmas

Source: Pixabay Casino games offer many different ways you can enjoy a bet at Christmas. There are plenty of fun opportunities to gamble at a typical New Zealand online casino, some of them with very festive themes. One of the most popular forms of betting during the holiday season is whether or not a white Christmas will occur. Many online casinos in New Zealand won't allow you to bet on snowfall in the middle of summer, of course. However, New Zealanders can bet on whether they think a white Christmas will occur in the northern hemisphere. Certainly, British people make such bets in large numbers, backing snowfall on Christmas Day even though it does not occur that often. So, if you want to get involved in the online casino fun, what sort of Yuletide wagers do betting sites offer people who live in the southern hemisphere?

Airport Snowfall Betting

In the past, the UK's meteorological service, known as the Met Office, was the arbiter of whether it was a white Christmas or not. They declared whether the snow had fallen on the rooftop of their offices and bookmakers paid out according to that. However, this meant that some people in the north of England, Scotland and Wales could experience lots of snowfall and yet not get a payout on their bet because snow had not fallen at the headquarters of the Met Office. This was located in the south-east of England until 2003 when it relocated even further south to Exeter. As such, online casinos and betting sites have shifted to bets on snowfall on Christmas Day at specific sites. Since the weather is monitored closely at airports, it is at these locations where you can make a prediction and place bets accordingly. A brief survey of the odds shows that, currently, Aberdeen Airport in the north of Scotland has the shortest odds on seeing a White Christmas. Casino fans who are looking for slightly longer odds should look at the airports at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle. London City Airport is even further out as is Cardiff Airport. In Ireland, Dublin Airport is currently showing odds that are similar to airports in northern England, such as Manchester and Leeds. Bear in mind, however, that odds will often shorten dramatically if the long-range weather forecast alters so it is often worth getting your wager on sooner rather than later.

Other Christmas Bets From Online Casinos

It is worth mentioning that it is not just UK airports that offer the chance to bet on the likelihood of a white Christmas. There are plenty of opportunities to make similar bets on Christmas snowfall in Canada, too. For example, you can place a bet on snow falling on Christmas Day in Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver or Toronto. Of course, odds are often much shorter for Canadian airports than they are in the UK. This is because snow is much more common in North America than it is in Britain, largely thanks to the gulf stream which keeps the British Isles warmer than it otherwise would be. New Zealanders may also like to check out another online casino bet that many bookmakers offer in the UK. To some British people, it isn't Christmas unless they have placed a bet on the Christmas number one hit single. This is now announced on Christmas Day each year and the top spot is worked out according to physical sales as well as the number of streams. Lewis Capaldi is the current UK favourite but who could say for sure that Bing Crosby might not make a comeback with his famous rendition of 'White Christmas'?
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