Gambling 'round the World: Favourite Destinations

A view of Las Vegas glitz and glamour One of the trademark Las Vegas skylines Everyone always wants to know where the best places for gambling getaways are, and everyone always has their own opinion. Of course, then there's the tried-and-tested approach, which is to just say 'Vegas, baby!' and leave it with the classics. But what other nice and nifty places are there that draw scores of gambling crowds from across the world?

The Great Gambling Cities of America

Of course Las Vegas features in the top batch of favourite gambling destinations of the world. Let's face it, there's no beating the place that is generally seen as the gambling seat of consciousness, the origin of the great American casino and everything after. Vegas Strip, Vegas Vic, the Bellagio Fountains, Downtown Vegas, all of these things smack of the glitz, glamour and opulent enjoyment that exemplifies the true story of gambling. Numerous locales of varying style, class and grandeur dot this sparkling desert-locked landscape. Then there's Atlantic City, New Jersey, which is the United States' east-coast gambling capital. Even if it isn't as shiny and light-fueled as the gem of the Nevada Desert, Atlantic City is still known for the popularity of its casinos, fine dining and comfortable living. Think of it as Vegas, Take 2.  

Old-World Charm

America is not the be all and end all of gambling destinations, though, despite the fact that most US folks really know how to enjoy their casino and poker pastimes. Let's head out east from Vegas and take a look at Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco. This place is a true emblem of old-world charm, sophistication and even decadence, mixing gambling with a tax-free existence, fashion shows, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix and even the World Backgammon Championship. Not to mention is has its own, genuine-article royalty, and frequent visits from celebs. Monte Carlo Casino itself is one of the most prominent structures in the city, and also contains a ballet theatre, no doubt shoring up the European side of America's dinner theatre and show shebang with Vegas flair all of its own. And talk about mellowing with age; Monte Carlo Casino has been in operation since 1863!

The Orient

Even though the Orient is not exactly known for being all that gamble-friendly, there is one place, nearly as established as Monte Carlo, that has been regulating and allowing gambling for a long time. Enter the Chinese city of Macau, also known as 'the Monte Carlo of the Orient'. When Vegas itself, as well as international Australian casinos, began taking interest, this casino city experienced a boom that, in 2007, saw its gross revenues exceed that of the Las Vegas Strip! With gambling legalized in 1847, this is one of the oldest legal instances of gambling across the globe. The city is also rife with its own unique flavour of oriental aesthetics versus the lights and colours of the easily recognizable casino styles found throughout the rest of the world. We'll be looking at other great gambling destinations across the globe soon, so don't stray too far, mates!

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