Online Blackjack

The game of blackjack is one of the most popular casino games; the reason for its years of popularity could have a lot to do with the effortless mix of skill and chance needed in order to reach the illustrious ‘21’.

Platinum Play Online Casino is renowned for its collection of blackjack games on offer; here is a bit more about the game...

The Blackjack Aim

Also known as ‘Twenty-One’ or ‘Vingt-en-un’, the premise surrounding blackjack remains simple: beat the Dealer’s hand by getting either a better hand than his (that does not exceed 21) or if the Dealer’s hand goes bust.

Played with between one and six standard decks of 52 playing cards, blackjack contains ample excitement and fast-paced action for all.

‘Blackjack’ is when your card hand contains both an Ace and a card with a 10 value. This is the strongest hand that you would want to receive during the game, as this will mean automatic winning; regardless of what the Dealer is holding, if your two cards reveal a Blackjack, you cannot be beaten. It can be matched by the Dealer, but never beaten; the chances of the Dealer matching this hand are slim, so the chances of you winning on a Blackjack hand are extremely impressive!

Blackjack Mechanics

Card values are simple to understand, firstly:

  • All face cards (Kings, Queens, Jacks)= 10
  • Aces = 1 or 11 (you have the choice)

A total of nine additional cards can be drawn to add to the original two cards you received at the start of the game. A total of eleven cards can be dealt to you in one single game. However, out of the additional cards that are drawn, the total card value has to remain under 21, otherwise, you will have then gone bust.

If, after you have received all of the eleven available cards and you still have not reached 21, you will then be required to stand on that round, at which point the Dealer will reveal his hand.

The Dealer is required to stand on all hands with the value of 17; he is required to draw on a hand that has a value of 16.

Push: this is what it is called when and if you and the Dealer have a hand that ends up in a tie. A push also occurs when both you and the Dealer have blackjack. At this point, your original bet will be paid back to you. If however the Dealer gets Blackjack after you have split or doubled, the full amount that you bet (including your original and double/split totals) will be lost.

Blackjack casino game

Your Decision

Once you have received your original two cards, there are certain options that you can take:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Double Down
  • Split a Pair
  • Surrender

Blackjack Games

With variety being the spice of life, here at Platinum Play that sentiment is taken to the extremes with a wide variety of blackjack games to choose from. There are three types of blackjack you can play at the casino:

  • Single-hand Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Gold Series Blackjack

Here are some of the fan favourites to choose from:

  • Atlantic City
  • Vegas Downtown
  • Vegas Strip
  • Spanish Blackjack
  • European Blackjack

So take your pick and show the Dealer just what you’re made of!