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Play Online Casino Casual Games

You’ve tried your hand at the tables and you’ve taken our slots for spin, but now you’re ready for something light-hearted. At Platinum Play, we take casual gaming seriously by offering you a selection of games that were created for players looking for easy, laidback entertainment… but still want to win big!

What are Casual Games?

Our current selection of casual games online includes bingo and scratchcards. What makes these different to traditional casino games, such as blackjack and poker, is the many instant-win opportunities without the fuss. For example, the easy-to-follow instructions for each game were created with both novice and seasoned players in mind, and eliminate the need for complicated paytables and betting strategies. Our casual games are essentially as easy to play as they are to win, and will no doubt fill your days with hours of entertainment.


Playing bingo at Platinum Play is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Our games are infused with sure-fire ways to win, including interactive betting options and jackpots for completing cards within the least number of balls. You can increase the number of cards you wish to play at once as well as hit the turbo button to speed up the bingo ball calling.

Tips for playing bingo:

  • Pick fewer cards to increase your playing time
  • Be sensible and always stick to your budget
  • Bingo is a game of chance, so increasing your bet won’t necessarily guarantee a win


The joy of playing online scratchcard games should never be underestimated, especially when we have games with 2x to 10,000x multipliers ready to rock your lunchbreak. These easy-on-the-eye games are available in all shapes and sizes, so picking just one to play may be difficult.

Tips for playing scratchcard games:

  • You can extend your play time by betting small.
  • Not sure which game to play? Pick the one with the highest multiplier.
  • You can save time between games by clicking on the “Reveal All” button.