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Online blackjack

Skills, savvy, cunning and daring… blackjack has it all!

Blackjack is often that casino game of choice for both new and experienced casino players, owing to its alluring combination of skill, chance and excitement. It’s hardly surprising, considering it’s the most widely played casino table games in the world. You can enjoy a range of realistic blackjack games at our casino, including versions you may not find at a land-based casino.


Depending on the version you’re playing, Blackjack can be played with 1 to 8 deck of cards. The objective of the game is to collect a hand of cards that amounts to the value of 21, before going “bust” – going higher than 21 or the dealer reaching 21 before you do. So, how do you do that?

Well, for starters, you have to understand the value that’s given to each card:

  • Every numbered card is represented by its face value (i.e., 9 is 9 and 7 is 7)
  • An ace can either be represented as 1 or 11 – you make the choice according to the hand that you are dealt 
  • All “face” cards (Jack, Queen, King) will be represented by the value of 10

Once you’ve got this knowledge, you’re ready to go. Here’s a rundown of what  will happen:

  • Both you and the dealer will be dealt 2 cards
  • Should you get an ace and a “face” card worth 10,  you cards will then add up to 21
  • In that case, you would have hit “blackjack”, and won the round
  • If the first 2 cards you receive don’t add up to 21, then you can ask the dealer for another new card (AKA a “hit”)
  • You’re allowed to keep asking for new cards until your cards either reach 21 in value (or as close as possible to 21) or until you exceed 21 and go “bust”
  • Whoever is the first to get to 21 or closest to 21 (before going bust) will win that round
  • That means if you only get 9 but the dealer goes over 21, you win! 


Bored with the variants of blackjack available to you? At Platinum Play, you’ll never feel the need to drift off while playing online blackjack, as we offer multiple types of blackjack games. These variants range from a standard game with 52 cards, to games containing 8 decks.

You’ll also have the chance to choose between single-hand and multi-hand blackjack games, all of which are themed around famous casino destinations:

  • Single-hand blackjack – You play one game at a time against the dealer. Try out European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack
  • Multi-hand blackjack – You can play multiple games of blackjack at the same time. Options include Multi-hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack , Multi-hand Atlantic City Blackjack, and Multi-hand Spanish 21 Blackjack
  • Gold series blackjack – These blackjack games are immensely popular and contain several features that have been streamlined and optimised to provide an immersive gaming experience. Gold series games available include Multi-hand Big Five Blackjack Gold, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold and Multi-hand Spanish 21 Blackjack Gold


There is no perfect formula when it comes to blackjack. If you’re beginner, remember to thoroughly brush up on all the rules beforehand, and to adopt a more cautious approach in your betting. The most important piece of advice is to have fun!

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