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For the perfect mix of poker and casino, video poker has proven to be a classic casino game favourite. These games can be found in land-based casinos as well, but you can also find more than enough to keep you entertained for limitless hours of fun at Platinum Play Online Casino!

A short history of video poker

Based on five-card draw poker, video poker is a fairly recent addition to the gambling world, both brick-and-mortar and online. The very first video poker models appeared in the 1970s, when televisions were becoming more and more accessible to the world. Once video poker machines started appearing in casinos, their popularity skyrocketed, as most people found these machines and their games less daunting than sitting at a roulette or blackjack table.

Video poker online

There are few things at the casino that are simpler than online video poker games. With a basic premise of compiling a winning hand from the five cards that you receive at the beginning of each round of betting, video poker is also one of the easiest games to master and enjoy. On all of these games, you will play against the House. At Platinum Play, you will also be able to play some exciting, adrenaline-fuelled types of video poker games, such as multi-hand video poker, where instead of playing and betting on just one hand at a time, you will now be able to play multiple hands simultaneously!

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Platinum Play Video Poker

At Platinum Play, you will find a collection of hints, tips and strategy guides to get you started on your most enjoyable experience with online video poker. Although we encourage using these guides as reference when learning how to play the game, they will in no way guarantee that you’ll win. Use these guides to formulate your own comfortable online video poker strategy, and to master the game to the fullest extent possible. Working from this platform will definitely increase your chances of a more rewarding gaming experience, and make it easier for you to be discerning in formulating a winning strategy that works for you.

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