Many Casino Table Games Require A Level Of Skill

Playing cards Source: Pixabay While some casino games rely largely on luck for a successful outcome, other table games online will be influenced to some extent by a player’s knowledge of each game and familiarity with certain tried-and-tested strategies. And yet another category of online casino table games may require a blend of skill and luck to guarantee the best results. As always, players will find it pays to understand how these elements may interact during any game you play. So here’s a descriptive list of casino tables and other games which demand a certain level of skill.

1. Poker

Skiansky’s poker theorem explains two strategies which a player can employ to improve their casino table game options by skilfully deceiving opponents. The first strategy, ‘bluffing’, involves betting heavily when you have a weak hand – the idea being to spook your opponent who may thus be induced to fold what is actually a superior hand. On the other hand, ‘slow playing’ is more or less the opposite of a bluffing strategy. Here, actions such as checking or betting weakly when you, in fact, possess a strong hand are designed to convince your opponent to call or raise their bet when they really should be folding. If successful, this has the effect of increasing your anticipated payout. It’s also important for payers to realise that bluffing, for example, can be just as effective online as in live-room poker. In other words, if you end up with a poor hand of low-value cards, you can still place an enormous wager – a strategy which could effectively scare off the competition, allowing you to bluff your way to success.

2. Online Blackjack

There are a variety of blackjack strategies which can improve a player’s chances of doing well in a game. Most online casino table games experts agree that any strategy primarily depends on a thorough understanding of the basic rules of blackjack. This information underpins ‘card counting’, a technique you can use to calculate your chances of achieving a winning outcome in any particular game. While card counting can take a number of different forms, the most important factor is thoroughly mastering the precise method you wish to employ before attempting to use it in live online casino table games.

3. Baccarat

Unlike blackjack, baccarat does not really lend itself to card counting strategies. Instead, experienced players usually follow systems based on positive/ negative progressions or flat betting. Many experts advise against positive or negative progression strategies, which involve respectively increasing or reducing the amount you bet after each hand. With flat betting, however, the amount of your wager stays the same and increases your chance of returning a profit. The real baccarat skill is to achieve more than 50% accuracy in determining which of the Banker or Player bets is likely to win out in any given game situation. One further advantage of flat betting is that even when you are unsuccessful you are not likely to incur a heavy loss – something which can occur all too quickly when using positive or negative progressions, especially when chasing losses.

4. Sport Betting

Those who enjoy sports betting should understand it’s still essential to adopt a strategic approach and behave sensibly. For instance, in any sports betting you should first decide what your budget will be – and stick to that decision. And just as importantly, only bet when you are sober and in a stable emotional condition. If you need any proof of this advice, just ask yourself why Las Vegas casinos are so keen to supply free alcoholic drinks to anyone who gambles. A careful strategic approach demands a careful study of the relevant facts, so avoid acting on ‘hunches’ and make a point of doing your homework before placing any wager. It’s equally important to choose the online sportsbook which offers you the best value.

5. Max Damage and the Alien Attack

It’s correct to say that slot games rely mainly on luck. However, there are strategic elements which it’s also important to understand. Much like ‘Space Invaders’, the old retro game, Max Damage involves shooting aliens to bet, spin and win. However, selecting which features will help you advance and maybe get into the top places on the leaderboard is certainly an acquired skill.

6. The Castle Builder Series 

The Castle Builder game series is rather like an app game where you need to wager in order to “win” castle parts – you’ll need these to build your castle in the first place. This qualifies you to enter higher levels as a royal master builder. When any castle is completed, you’ll automatically get a bonus round where you choose a prince or princess that gives you a bonus, the first stage of working your way up into the highest ranks of this medieval world.

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