Featured game this week: Thunderstruck II

The new online pokie on the block: Thunderstruck II Arguably one of the most successful, relative newcomers to the world of online pokies and online casino gaming is Thunderstruck II. As the name says, this is the second installment of a very popular theme in slot games, namely that of Norse mythology. More than that, there are quite a few interesting other aspects to take into account with this game's popularity.  


The original Thunderstruck game first saw the light of day in 2004, and is also hailed as the very first slot game released by the Microgaming service provider that featured bonus pokies and free spins features. The game's popularity has been consistent for more than half a decade, a fact which has not only kept casino players entertained for many an online tournament, but also merited, eventually, the launch of the follow-up game Thunderstruck II, in 2010.  

The successful theme

Although relatively obscure, when held up against other games, both Thunderstruck games follow a specific theme, namely that of Norse mythology. The game follows the thunder god Thor, as well as numerous other aspects of this ancient Scandinavian belief system. The symbols included in the original game include rams, thunderbolts and, of course, Thor's hammer. The second installment has gone a bit deeper, adding other notable characters of this mythological pantheon, like the trickster god Loki, the All Father Odin, and the Valkyries. Other key features of the second game include the massive jackpot potential; up to 2,430,000 coins can be won in the jackpot bonus game, which is one of the biggest and most attractive possible wins for a non-progressive game.  

Popular culture

With the recent advent of the movie Thor, online slots like Thunderstruck II and its predecessor have achieved more impetus. The theme being followed is one that has now achieved more attention across the world, and online casino players across the planet are taking note of these slot games with more interest than before. It also helped that Thunderstruck II was the slot game featured in the grand final event of the Grand Slam of Slots 2. This phenomenal online tournament played out to its end on 6 June 2011, and it was also the first time that Thunderstruck II debuted as a global-scale tournament game.   To get more information on the game, or to try it firsthand, check out Platinum Play online casino's selection of online pokies.
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