Aloha! Cluster Pays™

Fancy spending time on the reels in a tropical island setting? Then NetEnt’s online pokies casino game, Aloha! Cluster Pays™, could be the answer. It’s another charming creation from the acclaimed game developer, and is playable across all devices – from smartphone and tablet, to PC and laptop. What’s more, this vibrant online casino game benefits from using the exciting Cluster Pays™ mechanic – whereby possible wins are gained by clusters of matching ...

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NetEnt: Great Entertainment

In an online casino industry that is constantly evolving and growing, the tastes and preferences of players who play on are always changing. It is therefore imperative that online software providers keep abreast of such changes. One such software designer is , a name that is trusted and known by many online casino enthusiasts in New Zealand have access to a selection of some of NetEnt’s best online casino game designs at Platinum Play – a premium gaming destination within the ...

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What Card Games Are Fun To Play At Home?

deck of cards

There are numerous ways to pass the time while indoors. You could catch up on some box sets, enjoy the fun at an online casino or play a few friendly board games with members of your household. Of course, another great way to pass the time is to play card games. What's good about cards is that many of the games can be played online with a virtual deck so you can get together with friends you may not have been able to see in a while. So, whether you are looking for something to occupy ...

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Who Are the Bookies' Favourites For Eurovision 2020?


Staged since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest attracts a large number of wagers every year in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Okay, it might not see as much interest throughout the year as , but betting activity usually spikes when the entrant countries have all announced their song choices and performers. Of course, there is still a long way to go with only the so-called 'big five' guaranteed a place in the final other than the hosts which, , is the Netherlands. What should ...

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What Can You Expect of the 2020 Drone Racing World Cup?


Drone operators first started racing one another informally in Australia from about 2014, and drone racing has become increasingly popular around the Western world ever since. Now the sport is run more professionally, with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) being the best-known of the governing bodies that run international drone racing events. The FAI has recently been recognised by the International Olympic Committee, which presents the mouth-watering prospect of drone ...

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Guidance on Betting on a White Christmas

Casino games offer many different ways you can enjoy a bet at Christmas. There are plenty of fun opportunities to gamble at a typical New Zealand online casino, some of them with very festive themes. One of the most popular forms of betting during the holiday season is whether or not a white Christmas will occur. won't allow you to bet on snowfall in the middle of summer, of course. However, New Zealanders can bet on whether they think a white Christmas will occur in the northern ...

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Real Roulette With Sarati

Real Roulette With Sarati

Have you yet experienced live dealer roulette? Depending on the type of gameplay offered, it can involve a whole range of virtual reality ‘toys’. There’s also top of the range video and audio feeds to consider, and, of course, you’ll need a powerful computer to run your home setup if you want to get the best out of a live-dealer experience. Sound complicated? Well, Real Dealer Studios have come up with an ultra-modern, alternative which is far more straightforward and yet manages ...

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Many Casino Table Games Require A Level Of Skill

Playing cards

While some casino games rely largely on luck for a successful outcome, other will be influenced to some extent by a player’s knowledge of each game and familiarity with certain tried-and-tested strategies. And yet another category of online casino table games may require a blend of skill and luck to guarantee the best results. As always, players will find it pays to understand how these elements may interact during any game you play. So here’s a descriptive list of casino tables ...

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Why Not 3D-Print Your Own Casino Accessories?

3D printers would let you create your own casino dice or poker chips.

In a fairly short time, the process of has gone from being a sci-fi fantasy operation to becoming a thoroughly practical commercial manufacturing process. In fact, it is now possible for members of the general public to acquire a 3D printer. But even if you were given one, what could you do with it? Read on to answer that, and a number of other related questions. What is 3D printing? Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a procedure which builds a real-life three-dimensional object based on ...

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What Does It Cost To Build A Casino?

Marina Bay Sands

While you’re playing casino games on your mobile device, have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a casino yourself? So if you were to games and win jackpots, how much money would it cost to turn that dream into a reality? Where would you locate your new casino? And perhaps most important of all, what are your chances of making a profit from your real estate acquisition? Casino location You would need to site any land-based casino somewhere close to large centres of ...

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