What Payment Methods Do Modern Online Casinos Offer?

Close-up hand woman using laptop and credit card Source: Pinterest The world of e-commerce has put many traditional retailers under pressure in the last decade or so. More and more people shop online, even if they are purchasing goods they can just as easily obtain from a bricks and mortar store. Few supermarket chains don't offer an online store and delivery service these days, do they? Then, of course, there are the huge internet-based marketplace sites where you can obtain just about anything in the world. Amazon and eBay are the big players in the West. In China, things are a little different with sites like Taobao and Alibaba running much of the e-commerce that goes on. Essentially, however, these huge sites offer much the same service - connecting potential customers with suppliers. It is not just people selling goods over the internet these days, either. There are all sorts of services that you can procure via an e-commerce platform, too. Fiverr is a very well known one where people will perform simple tasks for a set fee, for example. Then there is the world of online gambling to take into consideration. There are plenty of sports betting sites which provide a bookmaker's service that you can access from the comfort of your own home. E-commerce also extends into the world of casinos, too, and many people prefer to play the games and slots at an online casino rather than take the time and trouble to attend in person. Of course, e-commerce has always been innovating with the way in which it can create new marketplaces where they previously did not exist. E-commerce sites have also often been pioneers with secure online payment methods. PayPal was originally developed to enable sites like eBay to work, after all. These days, e-commerce sites accept all sorts of payment methods - from credit cards and debit cards to mobile payments and personal e-wallets - but all of these options have to be linked to your bank account in some way. Which ways can you pay if you want to access the services of an online casino but not have a link that connects back to your bank account? There are several pre-paid options available to you if that is what you're after. Read on to discover more.

Pago Efectivo

Essentially, Pago Efectivo is a voucher system. You can pay for vouchers at a variety of outlets. For example, post offices and 7-Elevens will sell them to you. Pago Efectivo is primarily aimed at the Mexican market but it is possible to purchase vouchers elsewhere if you search hard enough. Once your vouchers have been bought, you can redeem them at many online casinos thereby paying for your bets without any link back to your bank account.


Paysafecard is not that different from Pago Efectivo. It is a system that is widely available from retail stores. With Paysafecard, there is a voucher which usually comes with a scratch card element on it. Once you have purchased one, a 16-digit code is revealed. This can be entered when you head online to a casino in order to add credit to your account with the cashier. Crucially, no personal identification is required for Paysafecard including details of your bank account.


Sometimes referred to as a PostItaliane card, Postepay is an Italian pre-payment system. You can obtain these cards at nearly all of the post offices on Italian soil. This system is handy insofar as you can reload it with credit at any time of your choosing. It is a highly versatile anonymous way of paying because Postepay is accepted anywhere that a Visa debit or credit card would be, making it great for shopping as well as a little online gambling.

Todito Cash

Another prepayment method that is popular in Mexico, Todito Cash is an anonymous eWallet system which is accepted at thousands of internet sites around the world to buy goods and services. One of the key benefits of this payment method is that it is so rapid when used to buy virtual chips at an online casino. You can buy credit at Todito Cash at stores or online.


A popular pre-payment card in Greece, MoneySafe makes use of the MasterCard transaction system so it is widely accepted in person and online. The prepaid card is activated without any delay once it has been loaded with credit so it is a convenient way of paying for items online. There are in excess of 12,000 MoneySafe points of sale in Greece alone. You can top your card up with additional credit rapidly, too.
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