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Play Keno online

Keno has been played for centuries by Chinese masters, and is now available online for quick thrills at Platinum Play. As a luck-oriented game, keno is often compared to bingo and the lottery, which may be due to the casual games simplicity and straightforward rules. One difference, however, is that the Keno at our casino is guaranteed to awaken your thirst for wins, thanks to a variety of customisable betting options!

How to play Keno online

If you’re familiar with the nuts and bolts of lottery-type games, then you may already be qualified to try your hand at keno. The rules of the game are rather easy to grasp, and merely require you to select up to 15 numbers from the board numbered 1 to 80. You can select the amount you wish to wager, and then click the “play” button to reveal your payout. Typically, hitting the same numbers as the embedded Random Number Generator (RGN) out of the 20 that it generates will render you a winner. For your convenience, you can choose as few or as many numbers as you like, just remember that the house edge varies depending on how many numbers you wish to play.


Let’s face it, you want to play Keno but you also want to win. As with any other casino game, the odds of winning in Keno are all based on percentages – and luck! Typically, payouts in Keno are determined by how many numbers you “hit” and the amount you select to wager. For example, two matches off eleven numbers will pay out 0.5x your initial bet, while 6 matches off eleven numbers will pay out 6x your bet. At the same time, five matches off 6 numbers will payout 30x your initial bet.

Here are a couple of bets that’ll help turn the odds in your favour:

  • Straight bet: This is a straightforward bet on random number/s. You can pick up to 15 numbers to play, and then see if the 20 numbers drawn match any of yours for a payout.
  • Way bet: This is a bet on a group of numbers. You can group as many numbers together as you want, be it in groups of 2, 3, 4 or 5.


It’s no secret that online keno requires no skill to play, nor will you need to make strategy-based decisions in order to influence the outcome of each hand. However, here are a few handy tips to help make your next game of Keno even more fun:

  • You can ensure frequent wins by selecting the maximum number of spots each time.
  • The more numbers you select the better your chances of winning.
  • There’s simply no way of predicting the outcome of each game, so don’t forget to have fun.
  • You can prolong your game time by selecting the minimum betting amount.
  • Lastly, always remember to bet responsibly.