Progressive Jackpot

These are the progressive game big ones

Ever dreamed of winning big at the casino playing online games? The biggest and boldest jackpots live here at Platinum Play online casino on the impressive progressive jackpot games. Just one lucky spin could make you a millionaire overnight, so it’s time to get playing!

What are progressive casino games?

When it comes to the word “progressive”, we’re referring to the jackpots in particular. The giant jackpots of progressive games increase to gargantuan levels when more and more players are spinning the reels. As they join the game and play, an increment is added each time to the overall jackpot total.

Now here’s the really great part. Platinum Play is a part of a network of casinos that link all of their groups of players who play a particular progressive game into a bigger pool of players. This means that because there are so many people playing a certain game, the jackpot can reach greater magnitudes.

What’s on offer?

At Platinum Play online casino, we have an array of over 20 different progressive games to choose from, including progressive slots, progressive video poker and progressive table games, and the ever-alluring combined jackpots are almost always in the millions.

What does everyone like to play the most?

There is a list of definite firm favourites in the progressive gaming catalogue:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Major Millions
  • Cyberstud Poker
  • Jackpot Deuces
  • Roulette Royale

Take in the colourful graphics and have fun with the themes, especially on the progressive slot games which have a great variety – there’s something for every kind of preference, so start finding your favourites.

Some of our biggest winners have won from playing progressive jackpots, like Mark A, a Canadian player who struck that lucky Mega Moolah spin while playing on Mobile and won himself a massive $7,561,773the largest-ever jackpot paid out to a mobile casino player. Not only was this a historical win, but Mark A had only been a player for 7 days, making the win an instant life-changer.

Have any tricks or tips?

When selecting your progressive game of choice, you may notice a symbol of a little fire or a little snowflake. This isn’t to be decorative, of course, this is to give you a friendly hint at how much these games have been paying out recently, or as we like to call it: hot and cold games. As you could have probably guessed, the little fire symbol indicates hot, which means the game has been paying out frequently of late. The snowflake is the cold symbol and indicates that the game hasn’t been paying out as much – and that could mean that all the winnings are just waiting to pop any second.

Another symbol you may find is the icon of a mobile phone. This means that the game is conveniently available for you to play on your mobile device, so you can keep those reels spinning while you’re out-and-about, and never have to miss an opportunity when you’re feeling especially lucky.

Also, it always helps to play with more! The easiest way to achieve that is by doubling each of your first five deposits by up to $200 each time if you’re a new player – giving you up to $800 in bonus, on top of what you’ve deposited. 

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