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A casual affair

What makes a game casual? Pure, wonderful luck and glorious, instant gratification: these are the key ingredients to a great casual game. In fact, if you’re the kind of player who enjoys a nice, juicy instant win, you could’ve gotten your fix at least 20 times before reaching the end of this sentence. So why are you still reading it?

Choose your kind of casual

Take your pick from a variety of colourfully-themed games, like Electro Bingo and Hexaline. They’re all super quick, super simple and super fun and you can get an instant casino hit with the snap and the tap of your fingers. Try them all and see which kind you’re more inclined towards.

We also offer online scratchcards, which have a massive and diverse scratchcard gaming catalogue that is so wildly popular, we categorise them as their own thing. They work exactly the way you expect them to, except you don’t have ruin your nails; just click away to reveal and match up symbols.

Be honest with me… are casual games even cool?

The answer is a hearty yes. Pac-man is considered one of the first casual games ever to exist, and is praised as one of the coolest and most groundbreaking games of all time (if you didn’t know that yourself already). Sure, they may not require the skill, strategy or time invested into games like progressives, slots or table games, but they’re excellent at filling up your day with instant wins, colour and humour. If you’re looking for an easy escape, look no further.

How do I best keep it casual?

We’re not going to tell you, authoritatively, how to best enjoy casual gaming; that would be very un-casual of us. 

If you want some advice, however, keep your stakes low, for nicely extended casual gaming (you’ll see that once you start, you’ll want to play roughly a million rounds). And how many fast and fabulous rounds do you think you could get out of $800 in bonus + 50 Free Spins welcome bonus when you first join Platinum Play?