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Up to scratch games?

Ever in the mood for a bit of mindless fun? Online scratchcards are the perfect solution to such a mood, with instant wins and a variety of fun and silly themes to pick from. Escape easily and conveniently wherever you are into the whacky and wonderful worlds of casino games such as Dawn of the Bread, Hairy Fairies or Turtley Awesome, without committing too much of your time or energy.

What’s so great about online scratchcards?

Online scratchcards are popular for casual gaming, and they certainly are as relaxed as you can get. You’ll find out the result of each play within a matter of seconds (maybe even split-seconds). That’s the kind of convenience and ease that can keep you entertained in a queue, on a boring phonecall, or boiling pasta... there are limitless ways to fill your in-between time with the joy and colour of zany online scratchcards. Another perk is the wide betting range, a way to increase your fun times for hours on end without breaking the budget.

Aren’t scratchcards those things you buy at the corner café?

Yes, you can buy your scratchcards, or scratch offs, scratch tickets, scratchers, scratchies, scratch-its, scratch games, scratch-and-wins, instant games or instant lotteries as they’ve also been known, from your corner café or applicable scratchcard dealer. 

But here’s a big tip that will save your nails and increase your actual odds: don’t scrape away at that archaic silver paint when you can click to reveal online, where the prizes are automated and updated. What this means is that when you buy physical scratchcards from said corner café, there’s a possibility that all the major prizes have been won already in other parts of the country and you’re picking at one of the leftover cards that are still in the system. Typically, this information is available to look up but when you’re in the mood for a super casual instant-win fix, that will be the last thing on your to-do list. Platinum Play is safe and a mere click away wherever you are. Too easy. 

When it comes to the myriad benefits of playing online as opposed to physically, we’ve only scratched the surface.

Where do scratchcards come from?

The patent for the physical scratchcard we are familiar with was only registered in 1987. Earlier forms of manually randomised scratchcards were around until the mid-1970s, when opting for computerised randomisation became possible. Over the years the scratchcard has evolved with simple to complex ways to win, sometimes shadowing the winning hands of casino games like blackjack or poker in a scratch-and-reveal format.

How do I get my scratch on?

Got an itch for instant-win fun that you need to scratch? Firstly, there’s no need to physically scratch the screen of your computer – seriously, don’t do that. The maximum effort required is to choose your stake and to then tap or click the objects to scratch them one by one (you might need to drag your finger or your mouse a little). There may also be a handy “Reveal All” button which will take all the effort right out of the imaginary scratching. Match up collections of certain symbols for a winning payout specified in the game. Online gaming could not get more simple than that.

If our online scratchcards are making you scratch your head, then have a look at some of our casual games.