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Experience the heyday of the first-ever online slots! Our reel slots are a simple click away, and offer quick thrills for little or no effort at all!

What are reel slots?

Reel slots originated from the first one-arm bandit, invented by Charles Fey, yet have since evolved into sophisticated casino games – often preferred for their simplicity, lack of over-the-top graphics and high-tech animations.

Types of reel slots

You can access an assortment of reel slots at Platinum Play, including 3 reel slots, bonus reel slots and megaspin reel slots. While the basic premise of each game is similar, there are a few minor differences that make huge difference – especially in the payouts departments!

  • 3 reel slots

Reel slots have a longstanding tradition as some of the most entertaining casino games ever invented. This is because of their simplicity and traditional paytables. In fact, our 3 reel slots are still as fresh and exciting as the day they were released, and are available all day, every day classic-style action.

  • Bonus reel slots

Bonus reel slots are similar to traditional slot machines, but with a number of added bonus features make winning so much sweeter, and have been designed to increase the payout potential of each slots in many different ways. For example, In Bulls Eye the bonus game is triggered when three or more dart board symbols appear on the reels.