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Now that you’ve made yourself comfortable, we can tell you a little bit more about what you have in store for you at our table. There’s a combination of fun, seriousness, strategy and skill in our table game offering.

Different types of online table games

By now, you’re most likely aware of the immense variety of games we bring to the table. Our aim is to expose you to as much awesomeness as possible. It’s like an explosion of mind-blowing fun all on one website!

You can see what we mean as soon as you look at the table games we have for you to play. There’s baccarat, blackjack and roulette.


Online baccarat, the table game that combines skill and luck, pits you against the banker. It is played using a standard deck of single playing cards. Your aim? Predict whose hand will have the value closest to 9 – yours or the Dealer’s.  You can also bet on the game resulting in a tie.


We have three versions of online blackjack on offer: multi-hand blackjack, single-hand blackjack and Gold Series blackjack. In this table game, you play against the Dealer, and your aim is to reach a hand value of 21 before going “bust”.


You’ll be seated at a sophisticated online roulette table where there is a slotted wheel that is numbered 0 to 37. You need to place your bet on your predicted winning number and colour, and the wheel is then spun in one direction, with the ball being spun in the opposite direction. The aim? To have the ball land on the colour and number that you predicted it would land on.