Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Games at Platinum Play

Do you harbour dreams of becoming an overnight millionaire? Well, Platinum Play Online Casino New Zealand may be able to help you out with that. Progressive games are those that feature a jackpot, a grand prize or payout, that increases every time the game gets played but nobody wins. The amount of the pot gets bigger by a predetermined amount any time anyone anywhere plays the game. All it takes is one lucky bet and the top prize gets triggered and paid out! Try one of our Progressive Jackpot games and see if you’re the next player from this part of the world to break the record.

Progressive Jackpot Gameplay

Progressive games are the same as our regular ones, but there’s an incredibly exciting twist added to your gameplay: the jackpots are eye-wateringly huge. This is thanks to the fact that the games featuring Progressive Jackpots are all linked together, forming a massive central prize. You can view the current, and ever-climbing total thanks to the Jackpot Meter that is displayed on our games page. Take a look, maybe it will inspire you to give it a go!

Different Types of Progressive Games

The chance to win millions and millions of dollars on our Progressive Games is available to new and experienced players alike, and we have a good list of titles for you to choose from, including pokies, table games, and Video Poker.

  • Progressive Jackpot Pokies Games

Pokies are famous for how regularly they pay players out, so just imagine what this means when it comes to prizes that total millions of dollars. Our most popular titles in this category include Major Millions and Mega Moolah, both from casino software provider powerhouse Microgaming.

  • Progressive Video Poker Entertainment

Progressive Video Poker titles like Supajax and Cyberstud Poker are just as enjoyable as their regular counterparts, but the jackpots you’ll be awarded for a Royal Flush will blow your mind.

  • Progressive Table Games

Again, these are very similar to the regular versions of the game, only with the chance to win an enormous jackpot on top of all the fun. Check out Roulette Royale, and see if you can use your game knowledge and strategy know-how to finally get to the point where you can afford to do whatever you want, whenever you want to, thanks to the kind of win you’ve only ever dreamed about.

Tips for Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

When you decide to try your luck with one of the Progressive games we’ve got on hand at Platinum Play, it is vital that you maximise your chances of winning. Be sure to read the rules of whatever you’ve decided to enjoy, but, for the most part, you will need to have the maximum bet in place in order to qualify for the big prize. What makes these games so great to play is that you have absolutely no idea when the big prize will arrive, which means that the next spin could be the one to change your life, the upcoming Royal Flush you’ve finally managed to make can see you never work again, or the following smart bet on the Red 17 sees you raking in more chips than you ever dreamed of!

Look out for our great titles, and start playing and winning at Platinum Play Online Casino as soon as you like.