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Discover The Best Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most iconic casino games and is a staple at brick and mortar establishments all around the world. But thankfully, you no longer have to travel to a land-based casino to enjoy this glamorous game. Here at Platinum Play Online Casino, we offer our Kiwi players access to a great selection of the finest online Roulette entertainment around. You can even choose to join in the fun on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to incredible software that has been optimised to run flawlessly on mobile devices. It has never been easier to enjoy all the thrills that Roulette has to offer, and our selection caters to all levels of experience.

European and French Roulette

Did you know that there are several variants of Roulette? The European and French versions of this classic game are the oldest versions. The French style is widely considered to be the best option for players who are relatively new to the world of Roulette. It is the most straightforward version, and allows new players to learn the ins and outs quickly and easily. Both the European and French versions offer the lowest house advantage of any of the other styles, as the wheels both feature a single, green-coloured 0 pocket on the wheel.

The American Version of Roulette

The American style of Roulette adds a little more edge to the game via the inclusion of a green-coloured 00-pocket, which ups the house advantage quite significantly - the inclusion of this element does make it a touch more challenging, but also makes it that much more exciting, and American Roulette is generally the style that is most preferred by more experienced players. There are several awesome versions of American Roulette to choose from at Platinum Play, should this style of the game most appeal to you.

Place An Inside Or Outside Bet

Before the wheel spins, you will need to place a bet. There are two different types of bets you can choose from, with each having their own sub-categories of bets. These categories include Inside and Outside Bets.

Inside Bets:

Straight bets: On a single number

Split bets: On 2 numbers adjacent to each other on the table

Street bets: On a row of 3 numbers

Double Street bets: On 2 rows of 3 numbers each, adjacent to each other

Corner bets: On the 4 numbers in the corner of the table

Outside Bets:

Black or Red bets: Bet on either black or red

Odd or Even number bets

High or Low bets: Bet on whether the ball will land on a number between 19 – 36 (high) or between 1 – 18 (low)

Column bets: Betting on a column of 12 numbers

Dozens bets: Betting on 1 of the 3 groups of a dozen numbers on the board; 1 to 12; 13 to 24, or 25 – 36.

Choose your bet, and may the wheel spin in your favour when you play online Roulette and other exciting table games at Platinum Play Casino New Zealand!