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Amazing Arcade Pokies To Entertain You

When it comes to online betting, NZ players are big fans of all types of pokies. Arcade Pokies are however, a real favourite, and we have a great selection in store for you!

There's no better place to enjoy these innovative casino games than with us, right here at Platinum Play Casino, thanks to our 100% fair Random Number Generation software and totally secure playing environment.

Enjoy Arcade-Like Action

While conventional pokies and table games offer incredible thrills and big wins, they do have a very specific feel to them. The focus is usually on betting as shrewdly as possible, and beating other players or the House.

Arcade pokies are different. Unlike most pokies, they don't usually feature reels, although symbols do move on the screen and you can still win substantial payouts. The graphics are designed to look like arcade-style video games, and there is always an objective to the gameplay.

Instead of just spinning the reels and hoping symbols line up along active paylines, as in most online pokies, in these variations you always need to complete a task. You need to use more video gaming skill than is required in other casino games, manipulating your keyboard, mouse or touchscreen to make the moves you need to complete your task.

Our favourite arcade pokies are  Alien Attack and Germinator, and we’ve given you a sneak peak of what they have to offer to whet your appetite!

Breed Wins With Germinator

If you're new to the online betting NZ arcade pokies games can offer, Germinator is a great place to start. Gameplay is very simple, but still highly enjoyable. A variety of brightly coloured germs are seen on the screen in a 6x6 grid, and you win payouts by landing 3 or more of these nasties alongside each other, either horizontally or vertically. Your return is calculated using the value of each germ, and the amount that you bet.

There are no spinning reels, but the groups of matching microbes do more than just trigger a win; they also disappear to make room for new germs. In the Bonus Round, you get to remove all the images of a particular icon, and the spaces are then filled to generate – or germinate – more rewards.

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