Progressive Jackpot

Premium Pokies at Platinum Play

Whether you are just beginning your journey into the fun of online gambling or you’re an expert gambler with years of experience to your name, you will be able to find a pokies game at Platinum Play Online Casino New Zealand that suits you right down to the ground. These games are some of the most popular ones we’ve got, and we have so many, but it’s easy to see why: they’re fast-paced, exhilarating, and can provide incredible wins. All you need is an Internet-ready device, be it a PC, a smartphone, or a tablet, a Platinum Play account, and a little time to spare in order to start spinning the reels of the latest and greatest games in the world.

Simple Rules for Big Payouts

In order to start a pokies game, you will simply choose how much you wish to stake, and select how many paylines to activate if these are not fixed, and hit Spin. When the reels come to stop your winning combinations will be revealed, and your payout will immediately be credited to your Platinum Play account.

The Different Kinds of Games to Enjoy

There are many different online pokies games for you to choose from here, all powered by Microgaming, one of the world’s most respected casino software developers. This means you can look forward to first-rate quality, no matter which title you pick from the 3 groups we’ve got on hand, and can enjoy safe and secure play with fair outcomes each and every time:

Reel Pokies

Reel pokies machines, also sometimes referred to as Classic pokies, are stripped down versions of the game, closely resembling the first machines that we have Mr Charles Fey to thank for, which emerged when he invented them around the turn of the 20th century. Reel Pokies keep things simple, and are great for unwinding, especially for players who need a little downtime.

Video Pokies

These are more updated versions of the classic games, and offer you more of everything! More paylines, Wild symbols, Scatter icons, and Multipliers that can really boost your bankroll. There are bonus games attached to this category of pokies machines too, which, once again, make it that much easier for you to win big. These games are themed, and you’ll find every icon you’re trying to line up relating back to the central motif in some way.

Progressive Pokies

Progressive Pokies are similar to standard pokies titles, with 1 huge difference: the enormous prizes they are able to award. It can reach the million-dollar mark very quickly, and all it takes is 1 lucky spin for you to walk away with a life-changing prize total.

Something for Everyone to Enjoy

Every one of our pokies has something unique to offer, and you’ll be able to find something to have fun with no matter what mood you’re in. From the hi-tech high jinks of Robo Jack to the adventure of Avalon and delights of Dragon Myth™, give the reels a spin and see what Lady Luck brings you when you start having fun with Platinum Play Online Casino New Zealand’s pokies!